Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Giuliani Leader Among NH Conservatives

Despite liberal stands on social issues, Rudy Giuliani is leading the Republican field in New Hampshire among conservatives.

"McCain has been currying favor with conservatives. But despite his views on abortion rights, gay rights and gun control, Giuliani seems to be rallying conservative voters in New Hampshire," CNN reports.

Thirty-one percent of New Hampshire conservatives said that would choose Giuliani as the next Republican nominee for President compared to 20% for John McCain.


Anonymous said...

How long will the blogs let Adams pull his polls numbers scam?

Daniel said...

Honestly, New Hampshire Conservatives are pretty much Moderates leaning liberal i dont expect a Real Social Conservative to win either Iowa or New Hampshire. Look for McCain, Romney, and Giuliani to do extremely well in those two states.

Joe said...

Pat Buchanan did win in New Hampshire.

Stephen A. said...

A few facts about the NH Primary. It is an "open" primary. i.e., any independent-registered voter (and there are 33% of them in NH) can obtain a GOP ballot on the way into the polls and vote Republican.

Many of these Indies lean liberal.

In addition, they are answering poll questions at this point, and are leaning heavily towards the liberal republicans.

What is also going to happen is that many will eventually decide to vote in the Democrat primary, so they may not have much of an impact on the GOP vote, anyway.

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