Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baldwin Hopes for GOP Switch

Rev. Chuck Baldwin, the 2004 Vice Presidential nominee of the Constitution Party, hopes to see backers of Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and Tom Tancredo come to the Constitution Party if one of them does not become the GOP nominee.

"So, here is the sixty-four million dollar question: What will principled conservative voters do in 2008? My hope and prayer is that after failing to receive their party’s nomination, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, and Duncan Hunter (or at least one of them) will leave the party and bring their (his) followers to the Constitution Party (CP). In all likelihood, the CP will have ballot access in over 45 states. It is already the third largest political party in the country and is currently the fastest growing political party in the nation. A national leader such as Paul, Tancredo, or Hunter would provide the CP with a very attractive alternative to the globalist candidates being offered by the two major parties," Baldwin says in his most recent article.

Baldwin goes onto to say that "Even a virtually unknown candidate with limited experience, but someone who understands the issues and has the backbone to do what is right, would be head and shoulders above what the two major parties are currently shoving down our throats."


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

As in Illinois' recent gubernatorial election, if the GOP nominates a pro-abortion candidate, and the CP nominates a pro-lifer, I'll certainly have to take a close look at the CP.

Worldviews Revolution said...

Big dittos to Chuck Baldwin. The Constitution Party vote would explode if they could recruit someone like Tom Tancredo who is already a public icon of conservativism. Ron Paul and Roy Moore would be good choices as well.

Joe said...

In his recent interview in Reason Ron Paul made it clear that he is not interested in the support of any alternative parties. I seriously doubt that Hunter or Tancredo will leave the GOP either. Hunter and Tancredo have been supporters of the Bush administration' s unconstitutional, unbiblical attack on Iraq and one of Tancredo's biggest finanacial supporters is also one of the largest financiers of Planned Parenthood: http://www.spectato r.org/dsp_ article.asp? art_id=10880

Brad said...

If you are looking for rock solid candidate who supports the Constitution. Even the Constitution parties platform is growing legs. If we are investing time and money, we should demand strict adherence to the platform.

antiliber said...

If you're looking for a mass defection, it ain't going to happen, although I respect the CP's conservative core far more than I respect the "Liberaltarians," and wish it well.

Tancredo and Hunter are lifelong Republicans and are not going to "jump" to the CP. Many third parties think all mainstream candidates are simply dreaming of a third party to emerge, but they are not. The money and power is all in the Two Majors.

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