Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Adams Wins Poll

Independent Steve Adams won the February poll here at the Conservative President 2008. Out of the 240 votes cast Adams received 46.67% of the vote.

Former Alabama Republican Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore came in second with 17.08% followed by Republican Rudy Giuliani with 12.5%.

In fourth place former Republican congressman Bob Barr received 10.42% on the Libertarian line. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson won 6.25% of the vote for the Democrats with Gene Chapman following behind with 4.58% as a the Reform Party candidate.

The Green Party's Kat Swift won 2.5%.


Anonymous said...

My votes on the new poll do not seem to be working. I get "page could not be displayed" .

Conservative President 2008, editor said...

Web Poll Central may have been having problems or perhaps your conection was not good, other than that I don't what the problem could be.

As far as I can tell, it is working now.

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