Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chapman Ends Camapiagn (One of Them Anyways)

Gene Chapaman has ended his campaign for the presidential nomination of the Constitution Party.

Chapman calls the Constitution Party a brick wall because they won't return any of his calls or e-mails and says that the party is dead.

Chapman tells his followers "Since you can't do anything with a brick wall, I'm asking my followers to come on over to the Libertarian Party and get involved with our campaign here."

Chapman is also seeking the nomination of the Southern, Goldwater-Reagan Conservative, Independent, Reform and Boston Tea Party parties.


Anonymous said...

Found in Gene's comment section:

I am the field director of the Constitution Party and the only place I have heard of this gentleman is on "The Next Prez." He has never, to my knowledge, called our national office in Lancaster, PA and I have never seen any correspondence from him (and we do get contacted by a number "lesser light"-no offense intended by the term- presidential candidates from time to time). Whatever efforts this person made to contact the party weren't very extensive.

I'm not sure what he expects the national party officers to do for him anyway. If he wanted to make an impact with our party, he could have, for on thing, attended the national committee meeting in Concord, New Hampshire, in December-he did not. The onus is on him to make an impact with the Constitution Party just as it will be in the Libertarian Party, by his own efforts. Did he contact any state party leaders. Again, what exactly did he expect from us? He is an unknown. If he wants to make a splash, it's up to him to do it. I have never heard from him and when I'm not on the road I'm in the office answering the party phone.

I do wish him good luck, but I feel that Mr. Chapman does not demonstrate a particular knowledge as to what is involved in attaining the nomination of a national political party, major or "minor." If he does have such knowledge he has not demonstrated it in regards to the Constitution Party.

Gary Odom
Field Director
Constitution Party

Anonymous said...

It was not my understanding that Chapman's announcement represented a complete end of his Constitution Party campaign.

Conservative President 2008, editor said...

Chapman has told his followers in the Constitution Party to switch to the Libertarian Party and has given up taking the nomination of the CP.

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