Thursday, February 08, 2007

Adams Not Scamming

Recently a comment was made on this blog asking "How long will the blogs let Adams pull his polls numbers scam?"

The answer is that Steve Adams is not pulling a poll number scam. What Steve Adams is doing is putting links to what polls he is included in on his web site and it is up to his supporters to vote for him in the polls, like is with any candidate.


Anonymous said...

Steve is a great person and he tries hard to make the world better! Steve rocks and those against him will be prayed for.

Your friend,
Anonymous at age 12

P.S. Steve rocks and nothing can stop that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to know why Steve is winning month after month, visit his web site and register. He sends news letters to supporters often. He is a good guy and a real competitor for the white house. Politicians will not state their stance on any controversial subject because they will alienate a certain number of voters. This is a game that they play – tell voters what they want to hear – then do whatever they please once in office. Steve is informing voters up front of his intentions. Who would you rather vote for – a career politician who know how to play the game to win an election, but doesn’t know the average American people – or a guy who IS an average American person and is not afraid of stating his stance. You Decide what you want!

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