Thursday, May 24, 2007

Romney Criticized On Immigration Stand

Republican Mitt Romney if facing criticism over where he stands on the new immigration legislation as he campaigns in Florida.

Romney has called for the stronger boarder security, tamper-proof ID cards, and that illegals should go back to their country and "get in line."

To that Marshal Fitz of the American Immigration Lawyers Association says: ''That's exactly what's on the table. All of those things are part of the immigration package. Romney and the other candidates who continue to beat their chests against this legislation are just playing to the conservative base.''


Worldviews Revolution said...

"tamper-proof ID cards"

So Romney supports national ID cards and the Gulianian surveillance state?! Wow! Why don't more people get the fact that there are certain artificial "frontrunners" which are put there so we will have no real choice...

I am, however, elated at the groundswell of support Ron Paul is receiving. Ron Paul was voted to have been the winner of the first debate in both the MSNBC and ABC polls, and the winner of the second debate in the FOX poll. He is also continuing to lead by far in terms of approval ratings.

Anonymous said...

It's BORDER security, not boarder!

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