Friday, May 04, 2007

Cort Responds to Debate

Hugh Cort, a Republican running for President, sent out an e-mail with his response to the last night's Republican debate, which he was not invited to.

“The frontrunner candidates proved career politicians will do nothing but offer more of the same. None of them offered a real plan to win in Iraq," said Cort, the author of Saddam's Attacks on America.

Cort went onto say: “It’s time the other candidates stop hiding from these issues and offer real solutions."

Mr. Cort will be on the Conservative Show, hosted by myself, on May 14.


Anonymous said...

Hugh Cort is weak. He is a 4th tier candidate, right next to Saint Michael Jesus The Archangel.

Ryan & Jenn said...

Do politics the right way and get involved beyond claiming a presidential candidacy from home and whining about the real candidates. Come on Hugh, you're telling me that even Duncan Hunter is not Republican or Conservative enough for you? Find the candidate you like and support him. For more, visit

Anonymous said...

Cort is not even a 4th tier candidate. He's pushing his book, as we can see from his response.

He's a Christian conservative, and that's great, but his Website is so religion-centered he ought to run in the Constitution Party, not the GOP. And that's a serious suggestion, not a criticism.

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