Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gov. Beebe Attacks Huckabee Over Evolution Position

Current Arkansas governor Mike Beebe (D) does not think that his predecessor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee should have raised his hand in last week's to identify that he did not believe in evolution.

The Associated Press reports:

Governor Beebe says his predecessor was wrong in choosing to believe in God but not the theory of evolution. Beebe said yesterday that no choice between the two is required.

Republicans on evolution:


statesman said...

Why on Earth should Beebe have to worry about how Gov. Huckabee stands on evolution. If Huckabee's conscience is telling him to disagree with evolution, than he has that right. Obviously, Beebe is not a true Christian. A true Christian knows that the Darwinistic approach to life (considered as evolution during the debate) is evil and wrong. I am not a Huckabee fan, but I appreciate him standing up for his Christian beliefs and not cowering down like many of the Dems do.

Worldviews Revolution said...

Ditto. Evolution is a primary cause of many of today's problems. Please visit for a short summary I wrote recently on this subject. :-)

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