Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gilchrist Leaves AIP, Rumors of Keyes Bolt

Don't expect to see Jim Gilchrsit become the next presidential candidate of the Constitution Party.

After doing very well as the candidate for the California American Independent Party (the state's CP affiliate) in a special congressional election in 2005 and mentioning a possible run under the party's banner for President, Trent Hill of the Louisiana Constitution Party told me yesterday that Gilchrist is now a member of the Republican Party.

Mr. Hill also said that although Alan Keyes is still in the GOP, there are rumors he is getting ready to bolt the party.

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Anonymous said...

How ungrateful. As an AIPer, Gilchrist was able to raise over $750,000--more than many other SEATED Congressmen raised for their campaigns. Unfortunately, the Republican outspent him 2:1.

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