Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Republican Sprankle Responds to Debate

Republican Presidential candidate Keith Sprankle gave his response to last night's GOP debate to the Conservative President 2008.

Sprankle Response to 5/15/2007 GOP Debate:

The debate public form is meant to bring out the differences

When I think of a debate, it is a question and answer period of specific topics and how each opposing party would approach and solve the issue. It would include the tactics and resources one would employ in these circumstances. Although one minute is not long enough to elaborate on any subject to the appropriate degrees necessary, they should have answers that reflect a pattern of thought and planning.

Instead we find several of the candidates using rehearsed responses, even switching to previous questions not asked of them, so they may expound their sound bite.

Throughout these debates we find ourselves still asking, “What wouldthat person do?” They repeat the problems we face as a Nation and expound on the obvious responses they believe America wants to hear.

Rudy grasp the moment to assert himself and his role as Americas’ Mayor when Ron Paul announced that 911 was Americas fault.

McCain capitalized on Mitt Romney for changing positions.

Huckabee sized the moment to bring up a $400 haircut of John Edwards.

Fun aside, what has been accomplished? None of these candidates brought fourth any new ideas or solutions to current problems. They are not even acknowledging that every problem in this Country has affects in more then one area. Gasoline, the economy, wars overseas and our National foreign policies on trade all work together affecting the daily lives of Middle America. Change one item and how are they going to deal with the results in five other areas?

But what are the real answers? Everyone agrees that we can cut spending, but how would they use the savings generated from those cuts? Give it back to the people? Maybe invest it in other programs like Social Security without seeking a solution to that problem? Our next President must have clear and comprehensive plans and solutions if our Country is going to successfully move through the next few years.

During this debate, the candidates even struggled to identify just what spending cuts or departments they would eliminate. The candidates sometimes did not even answer the direct question which was posed to them. Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore simply could not answer how he would protect the economy affect a terrorist attack. Mitt Romney said the key is prevention, but what in his platform would be different to create the prevention factor we need in this Nation.

My platform works together on many issues, all working in unison to create solutions to the problems we face. Each element in itself would be a benefit to our Country, but taken together creating a road map to a more peaceful and productive world, and the fulfillment of the American Dream for more people then ever possible before.

We need answers in future debates, real solutions and real plans. If these people had real plans for our future the debate answers would come naturally and smoothly. The only other unthinkable answer is that these people are simply afraid to alienate some of their voters and supporters at the cost of our Country. Is this the type of leader we need now?

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