Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Paul, Tancredo and Hunter Not Likely CP Candidates

Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter are all seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency. They are all also included in a presidential election poll on the Constitution Party web site, http://www.constitutionparty.com/.

Paul is currently leading with 45% in that poll as the first choice candidate for the Constitution Party nomination. Tancredo is in second 21% and just 5% are in favor of Hunter.

What is the reality that one of these men will become the next CP nominee? I believe there is none. Yesterday on my show the Louisiana CP contact Trent Hill said that not of these these men are currently interested in a Constitution Party run but, their is still a slim possibility that one of them may.

However, Hunter probably is the least likely to make a third party run since his son is planning on running as a Republican to replace his father in congress.


Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa. I'm not saying none.

Im saying little to none.

I DID say that Duncan Hunter is retiring from Congress...and this would be a good way to go out with a bang.
I also said Ron Paul HAS talked to some CP officials.
And I said Tancredo is at odds with his own party, including a screaming match with Karl Rove.

However, none of them are very likely. I'd say 0-.01% chance.

Trent Hill

Ben Miller, CPO8 Editor said...

I have made some changes in the article.

I didn't mean to change what you said.

Perrie said...

So why can't the Constitution Party get behind Paul or Tancredo and not run their own candidates?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul, the anti-war, pro-legalize-everything, pro-abortion libertarian should seek the CP nomination?

Are you smoking what he's smoking?

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