Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paul's Campaign Hurt In Debate

In last night's debate it appeared that Ron Paul blamed America for the 9-11 attacks. After the debate, however, Paul said: "No, I blamed bad policy over 50 years that leads to anti-Americanism. That’s little bit different from saying ‘blame America.’ Don’t put those words in my mouth.

"We’ve had an interventionist foreign policy for 50 years that has come back to haunt us. So that’s not ‘Blame America’ — that’s demagoguing, distorting issues…That’s deceitful to say those kinds of things."

Byron York comments:

So in the end, the candidate who made a big move, who came out of nowhere to win new name recognition was…Ron Paul. But it’s probably not the sort of name recognition Republican presidential candidates want. “Wow,” said one adviser to a rival campaign after listening to Paul’s blame-America lecture. “I haven’t heard anything like that this side of Rosie O’Donnell.”


Anonymous said...

We should be big enough to handle the hard truth Paul dishes out and quit swallowing the excrement proffered by NWO traitors.

Worldviews Revolution said...

No, I don't think his comments hurt his campaign. He came in second in the Fox News poll. Perhaps though he would have gotten first if he had not made the comments on 9-11? I don't know.

I personally thought Tancredo did best. But I still support Ron Paul.

For an interesting explanation (and transcript) of the 9-11 comments from Paul, go here:


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