Monday, May 07, 2007

Paul Gets Highest Positive Reaction

After last week's debate Congressman Ron Paul came out on top of the 72,419 votes cast on the MSNBC website as of 8:10 Friday night with 32% positive rating. He also received the lowest negative rating of 29%.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure these results will be borne out in the next MSNBC national polls, right?

Anonymous said...

THE RON PAUL EFFECT: WHEN PEOPLE HEAR AND SEE HIM, THEY LIKE HIM: Personally the majority of people I know voted for RON PAUL on that MSNBC Poll "Rate The Candidates", and that's Republicans/Democrats/and Third-Party folks. RON PAUL is RIGHT FOR AMERICA, he has the RIGHT MESSAGE! The People have grown TIRED of UNTRUTHFUL BIG-SPENDING POLITICIANS! We Want a STATESMAN that SPEAKS FOR THE PEOPLE! Long Live LIBERTY! Long Live THE REPUBLIC! Long Live THE U.S. CONSTITUTION! Long Live AMERICA! Long Live RON PAUL!

Worldviews Revolution said...

Sounds like someone has some sense. Hurrah!

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