Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Politics1: Tancredo, Paul Both Likely to Go Third Party

Politics1 reports today that: "The Paul and Tancredo comments -- probably intentionally -- kicked the doors wide open to Paul seeking the Libertarian nomination and Tancredo seeking the Constitution nomination for President in the general election."

I believe that if Paul were to become the Libertarian nominee that the Constitution Party leadership would push for an endorsement of him on that ticket. Earlier in the year Constitution Party chairman Jim Clymer said that if Paul some how managed to win the Republican nomination that the CP convention delegates would most likely endorse him and I would expect the same would hold true if Paul were the Libertarian candidate. However, the problem the CPers may have is if they would be willing to endorse the Libertarian vice presidential nominee.

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Worldviews Revolution said...

Paul has said he will not seek the Presidency if he does not get the GOP nomination. He intends to keep his Congressional seat. However, he will definitely be endorsing a non-GOP candidate in my opinion, as he did in 2004 with Mike Peroutka of the Constitution Party.

And Tancredo will not be nominated by the Constitution Party unless he backs away from his pro-Bush positions on the war and "national security."

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