Friday, October 26, 2007

Baldwin: 'Bob Jones Dances With The Devil'

Chuck Baldwin, 2004 Constitution Party vice presidential candidate and possible '08 presidential candidate, says that Bob Jones III, chancellor and former president of Bob Jones University, has chosen to "dance with the devil" because of his endorsement of Mitt Romney for President.

"Bob Jones’ endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor illustrates just how low the Religious Right will go in compromising bedrock principle for the sake of political expediency. Jones says he is supporting Romney so as to help defeat Rudy Giuliani. I very much want to see what Jones will do if and when Giuliani gets the Republican nomination. I would anticipate that he will continue to follow his current modus operandi and support Giuliani, because he would then say that Giuliani is the 'lesser of two evils,'" Baldwin says.

He goes onto say: "Why do I say that? Because Jones is already demonstrating that he will support one liberal over another liberal. Mitt Romney is not a conservative--not by any measure of the word. And I am confident that Bob Jones knows it."

Since Bob Jones III's endorsement of Romney, Bob Jones University has released a statement saying that the university does not endorse any candidate for the office of President.

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