Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cox Only Republican to Speak At Sisters on Target Dinner

Republican presidential John Cox was the only Republican to address the Sisters on Target Dinner this past Saturday. Democrats Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and Joe Biden also spoke at the event.

The Des Moines Register reports that:

He ran into trouble when he gave his reason for running for president: "Because for 20 years we've had nothing but Bushes and Clintons in the White House. With all due respect to Senator Clinton, she's a lovely lady, but I think in a country of 300 million people we ought to be able to do something better than Bushes and Clintons."

"Yeah, he messed up. Not going to vote for him," said Artelia Hoffman, a retired teacher aide from Des Moines. "He might as well sit down."

Obama said nearly the same thing minutes later.

"There are a lot of good candidates in this race, and I admire them all, but the fact is that we've been hearing the same thing from Republicans and Democrats for the last 30 years," he said. "The question is not who can say the right words but who will have the judgment and courage to act on those words, even when it's inconvenient."

He got a roaring standing ovation.

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Anonymous said...

Point 1: Obama is 10,000 times more articulate than John Cox (and I say this as someone who's NOT a fan of Obama's politics.)

Point 2: John Cox is a fringe candidate with no support in the GOP or, like, anywhere. Why are they even inviting him, and why are the media writing about him?

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