Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Keyes/Tancredo CP Ticket?

Today Republican presidential candidate and Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo announced that he will not seek re-election to his Congressional seat.

"The issue now has a life of its own and it doesn't need one particular person to champion it," Tancredo said referring to the illegal immigration issue. He went onto say: "I feel my job, my task, has been completed. And I am very much at peace with the idea that if I'm not elected president then I won't be running."

And last Thursday Alan Keyes, another Republican candidate, met with the Constitution Party National Executive Committee.

I believe that it is very possible that these two long shot GOP candidates could become the 2008 Constitution Party presidential ticket.


Anonymous said...

I don't see Tancredo playing second banana to anyone. Especially Alan Keyes, no offense to Dr. Keyes.

Worldviews Revolution said...

Neither do I. I'd like to see a Ron Paul Constitution/Libertarian alliance candidacy. Or, a write-in campaign if Dr. Paul chooses to run for re-election in Congress.

Maybe Keyes would go with being VP to Ron Paul... I still doubt that though.

A more likely Vice-president for Ron Paul would be our governor here in SC, Mark Sanford. Now wouldn't that ticket be a sight for conservative eyes!

Mark Sanford has not endorsed anyone in the race yet. He did seem sympathetic to the Paul campaign when when I talked to him about it, though! I think there might still be hope for him to endorse Dr. Paul.

-R. Josiah Magnuson

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