Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Myers: Look for Hunter, Keyes and Brownback to Drop Out

Political blogger Daniel Myers says in a new article on his website that he thinks that Alan Keyes, Duncan Hunter and Sam Brownback will drop out of the race either before or right after the Iowa Caucus in January.

Myers says: "Whoever is leading 2-3 days before the Caucus is possibly going to be the winner. Kerry was loosing by 11 points in Iowa until four days before the Caucus he trailed by 2, then three days before he was tied, then came the actual results in which he beat Howard Dean by what I believe if memory is correct 16 points."

He thinks that Mike Huckabee will do well in Iowa as well as Mitt Romney and he doesn't expect Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and possibly Fred Thompson to be too focused on this first caucus state.

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