Thursday, November 29, 2007

Imperato Leads Libertarians in Website Visits

Daniel Imperato leads all other Libertarian presidential candidates in campaign websites visits by a large margin. According to, has been visited more times than all other LP candidates as well Republican Tom Tancredo's campaign site and the official website of the Constitution Party.

Lesser known Libertarian candidate Art Link's website has had more traffic than Christine Smith's and Bob Jackson's. The website of George Phillies, who has been mentioned as a front runner for the nomination, comes up as "no data." Libertarian Presidential Candidate Website Rankings (the lower the better):

Daniel Imperato: 631,052
Wayne Allyn Root: 2,120,501
Steve Kubby: 2,567,026
Michael Jingozian: 4,810,777
Alden Link: 6,127,380
Christine Smith: 7,877,747
Bob Jackson: 8,730,553

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